Pork Wellington

Posted 05/31/2009  9:30 am by Michelle


There's a wonderful new addition to Michelle's food section.  Try the Pork Wellington.  Sure to be a favorite.





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Stuffed Cabbage a la Michelle!

Posted 12/29/08 8:10pm by Michelle


There's a yummy new recipe up on Michelle's food section.  Check out her excellent stuffed cabbage recipe!



The Podcast: Episode 5 now online!

Posted 9/27/08 6:30pm by Ron


What do you mean, Episode 5? Whatever happened to Episode 4?!? Well, you'll just have to listen to the thrilling new episode of The Podcast and find out!



The Podcast: Episode 3 now online!

Posted 9/13/08 12:30pm by Ron


Wow, that was quick!  Already we've got a new episode of The Podcast, and I think it's the best episode yet.



The Podcast: Episode 2 now online!

Posted 8/31/08 12:30pm by Ron


Please enjoy the new episode of my podcast!  This is a very special episode for me, I hope you feel the same.



Baby Oz loves Mommy's earlobes!

Posted 7/30/08 11:37pm by Ron




The Podcast: Episode 1 now online!

Posted 6/26/08 10:30pm by Ron


Hey, I actually followed through on this thing!  Someone alert the media!  But first, check out the new episode of my podcast!



The Podcast

Posted 6/4/08 10:30pm by Ron


Wow, a site update!  Who saw that coming?


Now that you're here, you might as well check out my very first podcast!