Ron's music...


I've been writing music since I was a kid, and recording it since 1990 when I was a wee lad of 22.  I released a total of five albums, plus a compilation album containing re-recorded versions of previously-released material, and a handful of miscellaneous non-album tracks.  I also began work on two other albums but never completed them.  As of January 2007 I have a new album in progress... I'm very fond of what I've completed so far, but I'm making no promises.  I know myself well enough to know that any announcement of an impending release will only insure it never sees the light of day.


Case in point:  In 2005 I began to assemble a box set which was to contain everything I had ever recorded up to that point.  The set was to be titled Shadow Box and I did make some progress on it.  I transferred the older albums from cassette to the PC, and began work on trying to make them sound spiffy.  I also wrote a rather lengthy set of liner notes... over two hundred pages of historical and autobiographical background, track by track.  While the liner notes were pretty impressive, my success in spiffifying the older recordings was frustratingly limited, and I drifted away from the project.  Now that I have this website to play with, I'd like to give it another shot, in smaller doses this time.


My hope is to make all of my recordings available right here.  The text is already written, so that's a big head start, although I find myself rewriting most of it anyway.  Plus, at least two of the albums and a handful of other tracks are of sufficient quality that I can upload them right away.  After that... I will get to whatever I get to whenever I get to it.  My original idea was to present my catalog chronologically, but forcing such restrictions upon myself will only discourage me from getting anything done, especially given that the earliest recordings will require the most work.  So for now anyway, the presentation will be... kinda whatever.  I can live with that if you can.  Some day, if I manage to get it all up here, I'll wipe this page clean and present Shadow Box the way I originally intended.  And if not... that's fine too.


I'm offering all tracks in both high-VBR mp3 files, and lossless FLAC formats.  If you just want to hear a track, click the Play button and you're off and running.  If you're downloading these tracks for use on your computer or portable audio player, you probably want the mp3 versions.  (Note: All the ID tags list the artist as "Ron Moses" even though most were recorded under the name Ron Spiegelhalter, and a few under Disguising Godiva.  Feel free to edit the tags if you like.)  Just right-click the provided link to save an mp3.  If you're burning the tracks to CD, and don't mind investing a little more time, you may want to download the FLACs instead.  I recommend the free dbPowerAMP Music Converter to convert the FLACs to WAV for burning.


Just so we understand each other, I find quite a large percentage of this material pretty embarrassing.  I must have thought it was good at one time, and I'm sure it helped me work out a lot of crap during my more screwed-up years, but now a lot of it is just cringe-inducing.  So if you're listening to something and you find yourself asking, "My God, does he actually think this is good?"  No, I probably don't.


Thanks for listening, folks.  if you have any opinions you'd like to share.


the music:

I've ordered this list in reverse chronological order for now, which not-so-coincidentally happens also to be ascending order by embarrassment potential.  I have ordered them this way partly for your benefit but mostly for mine.


Odds and Ends (miscellaneous)

If you've known me for years and have heard all my albums, this collection will include the stuff you've never heard before.  Some of it is actually pretty good.  Some of it is actually pretty awful.


Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (1998)

This is really my only completely decent album.  I recorded it over two weekends in a friend's apartment.  It's mostly acoustic, and very demo-ish.


Digital Dvorak (compilation, 1993)

This is a collection of tracks from my previous four albums, which I re-recorded in the early days of commercially-available digital recording.  Only the master was done digitally, however... everything else is still recorded on the same crappy Tascam four-track I'd been using for years.  Sound quality is eh.


...yeah, whatever... (1993)

This was the last album I recorded on cassette (with the exception of the unreleased Dark album), and it's actually pretty fun.  Sound quality is nothing to write home about, but there's some reasonably listenable stuff here.